At La Jolla Trusts and Estates, we understand that everybody has a different family dynamic, and different wishes they want to fulfill in order to secure the future for both themselves and their loved ones. We are here to counsel you on the option that would best fit you, your family, and your wishes for the future.

For clients who come to us for Estate Planning, aside from providing a free 30-minute consultation, we meet with them on two different occasions. Prior to the first meeting, we provide you with a questionnaire in order to get you thinking about all of the important information we will need in order to set up your Estate Plan. This questionnaire includes inquiries into your life, such as who you may want to be in charge of your health should you become incapacitated, and who you may want to act as a trustee if you are setting up a trust.

At your first meeting, we will go over the questionnaire and discuss a variety of possibilities in which your Estate Plan can take form. We will guide you and educate you on the difference between Wills and Trusts, and why you may prefer one over the other. After the first meeting, our attorneys will begin drafting your Estate Plan. Once your Estate Plan is complete, we will send you a copy to review prior to our second meeting.

At your second meeting, you will be completing your Estate Plan! Our attorneys will go over each document in your Estate Plan in order to ensure you are fully educated on what the documents represent. We will answer any and all questions you have in order to make you feel comfortable with the documents. You will sign your Estate Plan, then you are on your way- with your family’s future secured!